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What is web-based education all about?
Courses using internet technology and information meet needs for distance education and ESL learners.  Using current trends of online interaction, students are guided through a learning process.  There are no text books, since the main resources are found on the internet. Students are required to work together on much of their work.  They do this entirely online.

How much computer knowledge do I need?
You need to be able to send an email, type a document and connect to the course on your computer using high speed internet.

Will I learn more about using the computer at the same time as learning Business English?
Definitely.  This is not a computer course, but you will learn to navigate around your course, join a chat, participate in a discussion, and speak to others in the class and hand in assignments.

As a second language speaker, how do I know these classes are suitable for me?
The courses are designed by experienced specialists in both Teaching English as a Second Language and online learning. You should complete the pre-course survey and contact us for a free level assessment

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