Benefits of Studying ESL Business English Online

Benefits of an Online ESL Learning Environment – designed and tested specifically for the ESL Student.

One way that online or web-based learning can assist the ESL learner is to provide authentic material.

A well-known language learning methodology for ESL students to read the same type of information that is read by the average English speaker. The benefit for students at Online Business English is the use of the internet for authentic research in English.

Online learning benefits for ESL students is to provides enough time to ask questions and think deeply about course content when responding to questions.  By using ‘discussion threads’ in class forums, provided in the Online Business English course, students can write questions and answers when they have had time to reflect on the course information. This is called asynchronous, since students do not have to respond right away. This provides less pressure on the ESL student, giving them more confidence.

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Live Interaction is very important for ESL learners.  By using authentic business tools such as conference rooms, chat rooms and virtual communication, students at Online Business English practice real life business communication skills.  To increase their level of comfort speaking online, students participate in online discussions weekly and present research in a virtual class. Interacting with instructors, other students and course content through activities guides students to be leaders in teamwork.

The exciting thing about learning online is that you meet students from around the world and communicate with a native English speaking instructor from wherever you are.  It’s fun and convenient.

How Does Web-based Learning Compare to a Traditional Class?

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Traditional Class


Online Web-based Learning Method
Attend class and receive handouts about course information Read course outline and click on calendar for course information

View course topics and dates

Read course email messages

Socialize before and after class Edit your student profile, provided within the course, to include where you’re from, interests, educational and work background and photo  Email and chat
Ask questions Read email messages and post

questions in class email area

Speak to your instructor Connect with your instructors by reading their profiles, sending and receiving emails and online chat

Speak to your instructor via live discussions online or ‘conference rooms’

Participate in discussions during class Participate in scheduled live ‘virtual class’ discussions

All students must participate at the same time online.

Answer questions by email or post responses in class conversation area called ‘discussion forum’ at any time

Participate in written discussions in a ‘chat room’ at the same time online

Group-work during class Work together and share information with other students in your class

Collaborate in groups to research information and communicate with each other through email, live discussions online and group editing in specific course spaces

Read textbooks and/or research course related topics Research course related topics on the internet
Hand in assignments Submit assignments by clicking on ‘Assignments’ on your course homepage and downloading your document to ‘submit’
Receive assignments back with corrections and mark Click on ‘assignment grades’ to find your marked assignment and comments

Print a copy

Participate in role plays and projects Prepare role plays and projects by networking and collaborating with other students via the internet and course discussion forums and specific group editing spaces for students

Present information in ‘virtual class’

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