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Vancouver BeachOnline Business English is a Canadian Company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  We are dedicated to providing quality ESL online business education internationally.  Our online education is professionally designed especially for speakers of English as a Second Language.  We provide the support you need to effectively communicate with native English speakers around the world for business. View our online business ESL courses.

About Grace Mei

Grace Mei, the owner and director of Online Business English international, lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and family where she has been teaching ESL for over 16 years.

  • She has a BA in Teaching English as a Second Language and a certificate in teaching ESL to adults (CELTA).
  • She specializes in teaching Second Language learners who wish to improve their business communication skills.
  • As well, she has many years of experience preparing students to enter TOEFL courses and excels in preparing international students for online communication for TOEFL.
  • Grace creates online courses specifically for ESL students, so that they are immersed in western styles of collaboration, communication and online presentation.
  • Her goal is to help them succeed by giving them continued support in understanding western thinking as it relates to their business fields.

When asked what drives her passion for teaching ESL, Grace explains that it’s all about the people.

“…The variety of cultural backgrounds, and the friends you make when you learn from each other…that’s the best part, really.  I’d always dreamt of traveling and meeting people from lots of different cultures.  When I’m teaching English here in Vancouver, I meet many wonderful people from all over the world.  Even though I had to wait a long time for an opportunity to travel, I learnt a lot from them while I was waiting.  Finally, I got my dream and traveled around the world in 2008.  That’s why I encourage people to get started on their dreams and get ready for the future…”

Grace began designing courses while studying at the Masters level in Educational Technology at the University of Calgary.  She says that taking the online courses to learn about designing and facilitating online meant she was immediately practicing what she was learning.

“…For the first time I was being immersed in an online community that shared information and learnt together.  Actually, I was unsure at first whether I would succeed at studying online, but our instructor encouraged me to focus on a topic I knew well, a field that I worked in.  For me that was Teaching English as a Second Language.  From then on, I never looked back.  My love for teaching ESL and my enthusiasm for ‘virtual classes’ were a perfect match…”

Grace continues to take courses at UofC, both for the academic interest and the online learning community.

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