Online conversation groups between ESL students

I’m all for small group Skype tutoring.  I was reading the Eluminate Newsline this morning and really liked how they describe the importance of the instructor in an online course.  They say “To a large degree, student success is determined by the instructor. Imagine a classroom where the teacher knows the behavioral preferences of each student and the class as a whole. Imagine also the collaboration that comes from the students who better understand their own preferences and those of the teacher.”  Online conversation groups between ESL students are great, but to improve substantially in a group setting, a trained, professional instructor is your key to success.  From my own experience, I find that people who join free groups don’t have a strong sense of commitment to join in regularly.  They have other things on their agenda and don’t give priority to learning since they didn’t pay anything for it.  However, I think education should be affordable. The best scenario is if learning is made available to small groups to share the cost and still have a qualified ESL instructor.  Also, learning on Skype is great because you can see your instructor face-to-face!  Knowing this- it’s up to you.

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