English Learning in China

After returning home to Vancouver from Shanghai last week, I’m still feeling dazed at the fast pace, the incredible amount of construction, the lavish high-end shopping centres, the jostling, beeping traffic and the speeding subways. And if this weren’t enough, the amazing driving force for creating and conducting international business, and the preparations for Expo 2010 claim a definite international presence that I felt honored to be part of. It’s an amazing place to be. The backstreets bustle with small shops, shoe shiners and street sweepers. And just to make a Vancouverite feel right at home “recyclers” removing bottles and cans from street garbage bins.
So what’s all the buzz about? Education, education, education- There is a growing need for English ‘Kindergartens’ for kids 2-6 , Phonics classes for youth, and training for adults to be in leadership positions. Yes, lots of education- and not surprising for China, but how can a large amount of English speaking educators help in a short amount of time? Ever thought about teaching online? Let me know if you want to get connected.

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