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Improve your understanding of culture and the English language as it relates to your business. Soon you’ll be connected with English speakers in around the world.

Our ESL online English courses which are taught on Skype are especially designed for intermediate to advanced ESL speakers. The online business English courses are also for college students who intend to improve their academic online interaction skills, and business professionals who need to work with English speakers from around the world.


All our online business classes and tutoring conveniently come to you-online so you can choose when and where you want to study. You only need a computer with internet access, a headset or a microphone and speakers. Using Skype, which you can download for free online, connects you to your English instructor. Once you open your free online Skype account, your instructor can call you when your class starts.

Online Business English Courses – Getting Started

  1. Contact us for a free level assessment and recommendations. Speak to a professional business English instructor now. We speak standard English and are native speakers in Canada.
  2. Sign up for an Online ESL English course add on personal help choices like My Class Plus.
  3. When you’ve finished your online business English course, add on more tutoring choices like Fast Track Plus.
  4. You can also practice speaking online with TOEFL Talk tutoring. Choose the best for your needs and we’ll walk alongside you to ensure your success.


How it Works

Online Business English International is dedicated to providing online business communication skills to ESL speakers.

  • Wondering how to be involved in business online when English is your second language?
  • Worried you’ll miss your business opportunity?
  • Not sure if you’re saying the culturally correct thing?

We provide a new interactive approach to learning with educational technology

Online Business English offers courses in Canadian Culture & Media and Customer Service. You will practice real-life team situations by working in groups with other students online. You will be in an English immersion, Western thinking, online business environment. You will be participating in chats, reading internet articles, listening to videos, researching on the internet, writing and editing in wikis, and listening and speaking in virtual classes.

We walk alongside you to ensure your success

Our modern, western approach to learning requires a high level of collaboration and communication online. We offer additional guidance in internet research and course required skills, as well as personal course-related training to guide you through technology used in our courses and online interaction. We patiently help you step, by step.

We keep you informed

We provide private sessions to support individuals with their business communication needs following their course. The difference with Online Business English is that when friends and colleagues in blogs and forums can’t answer your questions, we’re here to follow-up professionally and quickly. You can use this service just like a tutoring service for English anytime, anywhere!

Read more information on Benefits of an Online Learning Environment.

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